Bababuda - Winner of the 2001 top twenty competition

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Buda and his best girlfriend Milli on their daily run

Multiple BISS, Select, Multiple V1 CH Golt's Bababuda of Winns Hill CGC

Registration Number: WP7133810

DOB: May 26, 1996  RO56235G24M

DNA Number: V91456

Bababuda's pedigree

US #3 and working his way up:

  • Finished breeder/owner handled from the breed by class at 22 months
  • SG1 Housatonic Rottweiler Club-FCI Judge Henryk Jurek
  • BOB over specials from bread by CT working group Ass. AKC Judge Dr. Sam Burke Jr.
  • BOS Cardina Rottweiler Club Specialty AKC Judge Dr. Anthony DiNardo
  • Award of Merit-Westminster KC AKC Judge Ms. Barbara Heller
  • V1 Long Island Working Rottweilers. UK breeder Judge Mr. Pat Bryant
  • SELECT American Rottweiler Club National Specialty AKC Judge Mr. john Connoly
  • BISS ARC Specialty Lima, Ohio AKC breeder Judge Ms. Karen L. Sims
  • BOS CRC Supported Entry AKC breeder Judge Mrs. Wanda V. Spediacci
  • V1 Canadian Nationals Sovereign Rottweiler Club ADRK Breeder Judge Mr. Anton Spindler
Handled and conditioned by:
Khalid A Karriem
PO Box 380
Sasssanausville, PA 19472
Tel: 610 754-9262
Breeeder / Owner:
Rick & Eddy Golt
Winns Hill Box 1100 RR2
Sweden, ME 04040
Tel: 207 647-8880

Buda is the ideal height according to the official Rottweiler standard: "Dogs 24" to 27" with preferred size mid range." FCI considers 25 " tall -ideal- highest rating.

From one litter, three of his are already pointed from the 6-9 mouth class.

Come and see the Ideal!

Buda, now 7 years old - enjoying retirement

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